What We Do

whatwedoSimarian Research is an boutique equity asset management firm which provides clients with a mix of stocks to match the client’s goals and risk tolerance.  Simarian’s mission is to enhance client portfolio returns.

Simarian’s strength lies in finding companies that are mispriced. Our goal is to identify quality stocks who are underestimated by analysts or yet unidentified by institutional investors for their growth potential, stocks whose thesis is best supported by local and global market conditions, positioning them for significant returns.

Simarian Research actively manages risk as it seeks attractive returns in the world’s financial markets. With over 15 years experience managing equity portfolios, our focus on investment research sets us apart from most financial advisers. And as an independent investment adviser, Simarian is not limited to proprietary products.

Simarian’s portfolios are crafted for individuals with varying risk tolerances, from retirees seeking income-producing stocks, to those with longer-time horizons.