How We Pick Stocks

stocksCore to our philosophy at Simarian Research is our belief that superior investment returns are achieved by investing in companies whose fundamental earnings prospects are undergoing dynamic change due to a unique product, niche or competitive advantage.

With this knowledge, we then seek to invest in those companies whose forward growth potential is underestimated, based on current valuations.

Our investment discipline follows a rigorous and continuous process of screening and analyzing the stock universe for the most promising stocks. We then evaluate those companies to determine merit for inclusion within client portfolios.

Our research includes a combination of management access, sell-side research, financial modeling and comparative analysis. We seek companies that have product or service offerings that have high demand, are not easily replicable by competitors, and promise strong returns on investment.

We spend hours reviewing our thesis on each holding, re-evaluating upside potential as well as downside risk. We then seek to reposition or eliminate holdings whose forward-looking prospects have changed.